What happens below the surface matters.

A digital twin ocean provides a real-time data record of what is happening in the ocean, and how it impacts the world's ecosystems, ports, cities, and citizens. 

Measure the things that matter.

The ocean is complex and multidimensional, and we need awareness about what is happening in the physics, chemistry, geography and biology of the water. 

Make it real-time and dynamic.

The ocean is always in motion, and we need to be able to share and visualize data in a way that accurately portrays how things are changing every moment. 

Keep it open and universal.

The ocean affects everyone and everything, every day. A true digital twin ocean is one that belongs to all of us so we can protect and nurture the ocean for generations. 


Our team

Benjamin Algreen Adler


Ocean Data Alliance

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Steven Adler

Founder, CEO

Ocean Data Alliance

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