Climate Restoration Solutions

The FAO estimates that about 30% of the world’s commercial fisheries are over-exploited and 90% of biological life in the ocean has been destroyed in the last 100 years. 50% of coral reefs have been lost and vast dead zones ring the coastal communities of the earth. Plastic waste, industrial pollution, climate change, and raw sewage from cities and ships are creating an existential crisis in the ocean. We have to act with urgency to restore damaged ocean habitats with innovative solutions that clean up pollution, remediate damage done, and help restore vibrant sea life to its pre-industrial state. The Ocean Data Alliance is working with science, conservation, maritime trade, business, government and tech startups to fund and implement ocean restoration projects that can scale impact and make rapid progress. We are working to instrument ocean environments with low cost sensors that can collect evidence of ocean degredation and document the impact of remediation. We are working with inland communities, and environmental groups focusing on lakes, rivers, and streams because upstream pollution sources are and degraded ocean enviornments are linked and inter-dependent.




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